Reflections of a weekday Catholic

I am a weekday Mass attendee. I typically attend Mass on three weekdays a week at the minimum. To some of my fellow Catholics, that is the badge of honour of my coming of age in finally becoming a Singapore senior citizen.What surprises me and my fellow Catholics is that weekday Catholics like myself are:

  1. not all old; interestingly from a cursory glance it is a 60 percent mix of young 20-ish students from Singapore Management University (SMU) at Church of Sts. Peter and Paul, working class adults at St. Joseph’s Church (Victoria Street) and 40 percent old and veiled ladies, white haired gentlemen.
  2. not a small number; at St. Joseph’s Church (Victoria Street) I observed an average of 100 parishioners on a daily basis at the 6.30pm mass, while at Church of St. Mary of the Angels, it is not unusual to see a little over 200 parishioners on the Tuesday 6.30pm mass and St. Anthony devotion.
  3. not wild haired fanatics and/or liturgical modernists; most weekday parishioners are more reverently dressed and their behaviour orderly as compared to a typical Sunday mass.

The question that I am asked regularly is: “Why do you even bother to cut out half an hour of your precious time on a working day to go to church?”. My answer is simple. Just as three square meals are essential for the healthy sustenance of one’s body, so is this precious 30 minutes every day essential for the absolute sustenance of one’s soul.

You wouldn’t go for a week without food and water, why would you go without God for any less?

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